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Screener-Instrument for private investors

Online investing is becoming very popular among retail investors. Ability to access financial markets via mobile devices at fraction of cost from typical classic banking commissions created new class of active traders. That is whty at we have launched our stock analyzing instument STOCK SCREENER.
It is totally free!

Complete solutions

for stock analysis

Stock Screener features:

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Market Data from Multiple stock exchanges
Sorting & filtering by various financial metrics
Stock chart and company details such as description, address, website, industry, sector, number of employees (displayed on click)
Light and dark color themes
Auto data refresh feature
Responsive (supports mobiles and tablets)

Available Exchanges:

  • NYSE
  • AMEX
  • Toronto Stock Exchange
  • LSE (London Stock Exchange)
  • ASX (Australian Stock Exchange)
  • Frankfurt Stock Exchange
  • Amsterdam Stock Exchange
  • OMX Stockholm
  • OMX Helsinki
  • Oslo Stock Exchange
  • SIX (Swiss Stock Exchange)
  • SGX (Singapore Stock Exchange)
  • HSE (Hong-Kong Stock Exchange)
  • Bursa Malaysia